Variety is the spice of life. Find new beers similar to your favorites.

We Love Beer

This project started out as a proof of technology. We needed some data to test the technology, which went on to help the US Army with training.


We live in the United States of America in the great (warm) state of Florida. We get to travel a lot of taste beers around the country.

Lots of Beers

We have over 110,000 beers in our database. I'm sure you can find something new and interesting to drink...that you'll actually like.

Proprietary Algorithm

Our algorithm is in its third generation. It matches beer based on key attributes. It is our secret sauce and we're not telling you anything more.

Customize For Your Business

Customize the search to fit your bar or restaurant's beer menu. Give your customers a custom URL to search and they'll find beers you have on tap.

Increase Sales

You can also provide food pairings for each beer which will help you sell more food and improve the experience of your customers.