Bring Beer Tastes to Your Business

We can provide an interface for your customers to search your beer selection for something they would like.

Beer Menu Dashboard

We'll give you a dashboard interface to manage your beer menu within Beer Tastes. It will only take a few minutes to update periodically.

Happier Customers

Make sure your customers find something they'll like.

Improve Your Offerings with Data Analytics

See what your customers are searching for. Improve your beer selection based on actual data.

Increase Beer Sales

Customers will jump at the chance to try something new if it comes recommended based on their own favorites.

Upsell with Food Pairings

You can also provide food pairings for each beer which will help you move more food and improve the experience of your customers.

Custom Theme to Match Your Business

We will work with you to design a custom front end interface to match your business's design.