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Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy and work hard to protect any and all information that we collect.

We do not collect personal information about our regular users. For business accounts, we do collect personal information for users that require a login to manage their dashboard. This information is protected and not shared with anyone. Passwords are encrypted in a way that even Beer Tastes staff cannot see what the passwords are.

We track users' IP addresses in order to block malicious users, track searches and improve our service. IP addresses are the only information about the user that we store and they are not tied to anybody's identity.

We collect visit statistics and logs based on IP address in order to improve our services.

Although we work to protect the security of our server, database and data, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties won't gaining access to our server, software or database. This is the nature of technology. We try as hard as we can.

Terms of Use

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